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Physical Health

When you cook nutritious meals, you eat nutritious meals. And you eat at least three times a day so you have countless opportunities to choose foods that nourish your body and keep you healthy. Your body requires a plethora of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to function optimally, all of which are found in real, whole foods that can be transformed into delicious morsels of nourishment through cooking.

Mental Health

Cooking requires that you give all of your attention to the task at hand. Ever tried to cook and scroll through Instagram at the same time? Me too. Shit burns. FAST. When you give your full attention to cooking there isn’t room in your brain to think about anything else (like what’s going on at work tomorrow, or how your presentation went today). Cooking is a form of meditation; it slows you down and forces you to live in the now, and people who are intentional about living in the now are more at peace and live happier lives.

Spiritual Health

Cooking gets you closer to nature and being near nature is central to the human experience. Afterall, we come from the natural world and research continues to demonstrate profound healing effects from being in nature. Touching, smelling and tasting food that grows from the earth is a healthy practice that grounds us and lets us feel more connected.

What Our Community is Saying

I had so much fun cooking with you! I thought my frittata looked like a hot mess but it tasted so good lol I’m learning so much and trying things I’ve never tried before. Watching you cook and eat on the show has made me less fearful around food. Thank youso much for everything you are doing.

Michelle, Community Member

So many great recipes to make. I’ve already lost 5 pounds since I became a member 🙂 Many more photos to come as I try more recipes!

Janet, Community Member

At first glance, some of the recipes didn’t seem too appealing and I worried I wouldn’t like them. But I did! I hope this will help me continue to branch out and explore other options that I normally wouldn’t be drawn to.

Anonymous, Community Member

The guidance provided by this team of Dietitians has helped me make better choices in my fight against RA, especially your patience to answer my questions and to make cooking healthy such a fun and delicious experience. Thank you for all you do. All of you have blessed me tremendously.

Linda, Community Member



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