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Have you ever met with a Dietitian/Nutritionist? Well, let me just tell you, we’re pretty fun people to be around. You get to talk about all the foods you love in a non-judgmental space, discover what healthy eating looks like for you, and finally feel confident when making decisions about food.

You might have heard people call us dietitians names like the Food Police and hear horror stories of us smacking doughnuts out of people’s hands. But I can assure you that these are all lies. Why would we do something like that?!

Dietitians love food. We spend years studying the science of food. We have professional degrees in food. And for Pete’s sake, we’ve dedicated our careers to helping you enjoy food, in a nourishing way. We don’t sound all that bad, right?

Whether you want to lose weight, better manage your blood sugar, or heal your relationship with food, I am committed to helping you every step of the way.  I’ll be your accountability buddy, your teacher, your motivator and most importantly, your foodie friend.

Let’s get started…


What Can I Help You With?

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Healthy Food Relationships

Do you fear that eating carbohydrates will make you gain weight? Have you tried several diets and still can’t get the results you want? Are you tired and confused with all the dieting information on the web?

Dieting is rigid and restrictive and is not sustainable for most people so don’t feel bad that your diets didn’t work. You are not the problem, your diet is the problem! Time to ditch that diet like a bad boyfriend.

Developing a healthy relationship with food starts with relearning how to be an intuitive eater (yes, you were once an intuitive eater).  You will learn how to listen to your inner cues of hunger and fullness, how to view food through the lens of nourishment instead of deprivation, and give yourself permission to make your own food decisions rather than rely on someone else’s bad information.

If you are looking for a new and sustainable approach to eating well, then this is it. THIS is the new healthy.

Have you been diagnosed with Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes and need help determining what and how much you should be eating? Not everyone needs to follow a low carb diet to manage blood sugar. Work with Ashley to learn the ins and outs of eating with Diabetes and find an eating style that works for you.
Kidney Disease

Did you know that following a specific diet can help you slow the progression of your kidney failure and delay your need for dialysis? Everyone has different needs so it’s best to meet with a dietitian who can review your lab work and help you follow an eating plan that’s best for you. Contact me today to schedule an appointment. Medicare will cover your session with me at no cost to you!

Have you had a kidney transplant and are finding it difficult to manage your blood sugars and find a healthy weight? This is very common and it’s largely caused by the medications you are taking. I can help you find an enjoyable eating pattern that works best for your post-transplant body.

As someone recovering from an eating disorder, I often times felt trapped around food. You let me take baby steps when adding more food to my plan and showed me compassion when I relapsed. I never felt judged around you. Working with you these past months has allowed me to eat freely more than ever and watching you cook and eat on the show has made me less fearful around food. Thank you for everything you are doing. 


Ashley gave us practical tips to help lower my husbands A1C. We just went for his three month check up and he no longer needs medication! 


I had tried a number of “fad” diets in the past and had successfully lost weight, but always gained it back. My goal was to get to a healthier frame of mind overall about food and nutrition. Ashley was great in that she gave me a lot of foundational information to help with food planning, etc. but she also understood the need for balance and that eating perfectly all the time isn’t necessarily realistic. She was able to help me re-think the way I look at “eating healthy.”


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About Ashley

RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
LD: Licensed Dietitian, Illinois 
MS: Masters Degree in Nutrition Education & Health Promotion – Florida State University (2011)

Awards & Community Involvement

– Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year 2017 – South Carolina Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

– Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, SC Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Charleston Trident Dietetic Association (2009-present)
– Public Policy Partners Coordinator 2015-2017
– Social Media Chair 2018 (Chair-Elect 2017)
– CEU presenter: RD’s in the Media (CTDA 2017)
– CEU presenter: RD’s in Private Practice (CTDA 2018)


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