Ashley Thomas MS, RDN

Hi! My name is Ashley and I’m a Registered Dietitian who uses an integrated and personalized approach to nutrition, health, and healing by digging deep to find and address the true root cause of your issues. The time we spend together will help you regain confidence in making food choices and understand how those choices fit your needs. I am committed to helping you find a sustainable eating style that nourishes your body, fits your life and tastes amazing.


Have you been diagnosed with Prediabetes or Type 2 Diabetes and need help determining what and how much you should be eating? Not everyone needs to follow a low carb diet to manage blood sugar. Work with Ashley to learn the ins and outs of eating with Diabetes and find an eating style that works for you.

Intuitive Eating
Do you ever feel guilty for eating bread or pasta? Have you tried several diets and still can’t get the results you want? Are you tired and confused with all the dieting information on the web? Dieting is rigid and restrictive and is simply not sustainable for most people so don’t feel bad that your diets didn’t work. You’re not the problem, your diet is the problem!


Intuitive Eating helps you tune back in to your inner cues of hunger and fullness. teaches you to view food through the lens of nourishment, and gives you permission to make your own food decisions. If you are looking for a new and sustainable approach to eating well, then this is it.

Kidney Disease


Did you know that following a specific diet can help you slow the progression of your kidney failure and delay your need for dialysis? Everyone has different needs so it’s best to meet with a dietitian who can review your lab work and help you follow an eating plan that’s best for you. Contact me today to schedule an appointment. Medicare will cover your session with me at no cost to you!

Have you had a kidney transplant and are finding it difficult to manage your blood sugars and find a healthy weight? This is very common and it’s largely caused by the medications you are taking. I can help you find an enjoyable eating pattern that works best for your post-transplant body.

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Street Cred

RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (2011)
LD: Licensed Dietitian, South Carolina (2011)
MS: Masters Degree in Nutrition Education & Health Promotion – Florida State University (2011)

Awards & Community Involvement

– Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year 2017 – South Carolina Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

– Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, SC Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Charleston Trident Dietetic Association (2009-present)
– Public Policy Partners Coordinator 2015-2017
– Social Media Chair 2018 (Chair-Elect 2017)
– CEU presenter: RD’s in the Media (CTDA 2017)
– CEU presenter: RD’s in Private Practice (CTDA 2018)


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